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Retreat Programmes

 The Hope

“I Am...” is a personal, social and faith development programme aimed to support young people.  The programmes encompass Full and Half Day Retreats along with shorter Workshops.  All will allow for group and paired discussion, in a relaxed environment, where the content is delivered with the help of drama, music, media, meditation, art and craft.

Here, away from the classroom environment, students will have a chance to interact, to reflect on challenges they share in these formative years and of ways to support both themselves and each other through life’s obstacles. Time is made for fun and laughter together, as well as opportunities created for quiet and inward reflection. Finally, the concept of faith is explored throughout the programme in a very gentle way, respectful of everyone’s beliefs, as much as possible, and reflective of the Shekinah ethos.

The Content

Knowing Me, Knowing You This retreat allows students to explore who they are and who they want to be, to bond and learn more about their peers.  It encourages them to reflect on shared experiences of being a teenager, along with ways to cope with its many challenges.

Appreciating our Value:  This retreat gives students the opportunity to reflect on the different elements that can influence their sense of value. The retreat aims to challenge the negative sources of influence and promote the importance of seeking their value from positive sources ultimately.  

Coping with Exam Stress: In two, interactive, 1-hour, online workshops, students can learn about coping strategies to deal with any stress or mental obstacles that may come with preparing for the Leaving Certificate. 


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