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The I Am Retreats Team is comprised of a group of trained professionals who have many years of experience in retreat delivery and youth ministry and are passionate about it.  The team are led by Anita Phelan (BAAP, PDGC, PDE, DipSpirituality). For over ten years, she has had the privileged position of serving as a Guidance Counsellor in secondary schools, while also experiencing the role of the classroom teacher in the subjects of English and SPHE.  Anita has been an active member of her Church and young adult faith groups throughout the years and felt the growing need to equip herself with the skills to assist young people in their relationship with God and in their personal and social development. She completed the Diploma in Spirituality with an emphasis on Youth Retreat Facilitation, through Shekinah (see below), consequently setting up I Am Retreats.  All team collaborators are Garda-vetted and have undergone safeguarding training. 


Shekinah is a training programme for adults who wish to facilitate youth retreats or other youth ministry programmes with the aim of better engaging young people with their faith journeys. Graduates gain a Diploma in Spirituality, specialising in youth retreat facilitation.

The Shekinah youth retreat methodology flows from a dynamic relationship between facilitator and young person that attempts to invite the participant into an imaginative and creative faith experience. The Shekinah way begins where the young people are at on their journey, not where we would like them to be.

St. Patrick’s College Maynooth is the certifying body for accreditation of the course which is approved by the National Framework for Qualifications.  A character reference can be obtained from the course founder and administrator, Jennifer Perkins, at Further information on Shekinah can be found on

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